There are many different approaches and styles of Yoga out in the world today. Even Yoga traditions that stem from the same source may have different approaches.
This is no bad thing. People aren't all made the same and choice enables you to come to Yoga in a way that works for you.

In the approach encompassed by Yoga Reflection, postures, breathing and practice are adapted to suit the needs of the individual. You are then able to find your starting point, and from there work to explore your own boundaries and potential.

The approach of Yoga Reflection originated from teachings and training given by T Krishnamacharya (1888 - 1989) to his son TKV Desikachar, and then to Paul Harvey of The UK. It was Paul Harvey and his senior teachers who provided a thorough and comprehensive six year teacher training programme within the UK from there. The organisation was known as Viniyoga Britain and evolved to become the Centre for Yoga Studies - which in turn was responsible for setting up the Association of Yoga Studies.